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Apex Wings Restaurant & Pub

Apex Wings Restaurant & Pub

Just left BJ’s with two new big screen TV’s for Apex Wings. Getting ready for the football season! As I march through the checkout with my cart, employees commented on the size of the TV’s. It occurred to me how fortunate I am to be in a position to do things like this. Apex Wings is not a big business with large resources, yet I am blessed with a talented, caring staff that is dedicated to serving a loyal, supportive customer base, that in turn, provides us with the opportunity to make improvements. I am genuinely humbled and grateful to be the steward of this special business. THANK YOU to all of you that contribute to Apex Wings with your hard work and/or patronage. God has truly blessed this little restaurant and He has blessed me.

Aug 20th 12:16pm • 4 Comments

Apex Wings Restaurant & Pub

HUMP DAY - Get your Wings on!!! And be sure to check back tomorrow - THURSDAY'S will never be the same ;-).

10 Wings for $8

Come on by!

#ApexNC #Wings

Aug 20th 10:31am • No Comments

Apex Wings Restaurant & Pub

You SURVIVED Monday! Celebrate your VICTORY with APEX WINGS!

Aug 18th 4:30pm • No Comments